Here are the components needed for supporting the PPPoATM protocol under linux kernel 2.4.0-test2. You should be familiar with 'patch' and building linux kernels and tools from sourcecode. This is not ready for novices.

Kernel patch

This is versus 2.4.0-test2: The PPPoATM code has only been tested as a module, but it hopefully also works compiled-in to the kernel.

pppd patch

Note that to sucessfully compile pppd with the PPPoATM patch you need a recent version of the linux-atm userland environment installed (in order to have the correct libraries and header files).

Example of use

(From the pppd subdirectory of the ppp-2.4.0b2 install)

./pppd plugin plugins/ 0.80

Here 0.80 is the vpi.vci to use, is the local IP address, and is the remote IP address.

Good luck!